Learning Center and Private Schools

At a private school learning center your child may have a better opportunity and experience to learn and become better educated. View our Private School and Learning Center resources to learn more about the education options for your child or children in Southern California.

Green Hills is a bilingual (Spanish/English) preschool and kindergarten located in Southern California that offers a beneficial alternative to simple daycare for your child that is unique in San Diego County.

Child Education Development

The first five years of a child's life are a crucial developmental period. Children who are stimulated during these years and attend a high-quality preschool are more prepared for formal reading and math, and are far more likely to have the social skills they need for kindergarten.

Preschoolers get a head start on academic skills, such as early reading and math, and, equally important, they learn to share, solve problems, ask questions and communicate with others. Teachers throughout California believe it is important for children to attend preschool before kindergarten.